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Biblical Encouragement
44 Minutes and Four Fancy Cars By: Kevin Bullock Published: Apr-07
A father teaches his children about the importance of family.
A Father's Responsibility By: Dick Karman Published: Sep-96
Parents can't afford to lose sight of spiritual things because they are too busy raising their children. Your children watch your life constantly - what are they seeing?
A Serpent on a Pedestal By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-99
Home Education is not the answer - God is the answer. Worship the Creator not the created.
A Year End Discouragement By: Christine Bullock Published: Jul-06
Do you every get to the end of the year and wonder if you accomplished anything? Chriss Bullock reminds us what's important.
Are We Really Thankful? By: Chris Klicka Published: 
Chris reminds us we are to give thanks in everything.
Contentment Perspective By: Christine Bullock Published: Aug-06
Are you content with where God has placed you?
Costly Choices By: Christine Bullock Published: Jan-06
We can trust God as we make choices in our homeschool.
Default settings for education By: Dorothy Karman Published: Apr-02
Our society considers public school the "normal" way children get educated. But what does God's word say is the normal way to educate our children?
For Better or Worse By: Teresa Quiring Published: Mar-03
A mother-in-law's devotion to her husband during difficult days inspires this homeschool mom to stay the course homeschooling.
From a Father's Heart: A Bountiful Harvest By: Dick Karman Published: Apr-02
Don't weary in well doing. God has promised a good harvest.
Homeschool: not just an educational option . . . By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-07
Some thoughts on the purpose of home education.
I'm Glad I'm Not Politically Correct By: Sue Pierce Published: Apr-95
An article that reminds us that Christian home school families are different and we don't agree with the "politically correct culture."
In Daddy's Boots By: Dorothy Karman Published: Feb-06
Our children are watching our every move. How do we be good examples to them?
Liberating Homeschool By: Terrie Talbert Published: Jan-06
Sometimes your curriculum plans need a mid-year course correction when you feel overwhelmed. Turn to God for guidance.
Look up By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Distraction and comparison often get our eyes off the Lord when we homeschool. The solution? Look up!
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
Of Coffee and Zipfizz® By: Kate Karman Published: Jul-07
Where does your strength to homeschool come from?
Pray for Those in Authority By: Dick & Dorothy Karman Published: Apr-95
God Instructs us to be diligent in the way we live and the things we do - be diligent to serve HIM. Part of that is Prayer.
Reading the Word for Yourself By: Dick Karman Published: Jan-00
An encouragement for Father's to lead from God's word, not from some one else's reviews
Render to Caesar By: Dorothy Karman Published: 
Whose children are they? the state's? or God's?
Satan Desires to Sift Us Like Wheat By: Dick Karman Published: Jan-99
God's Word and fellowship with other believers is the only way to protect our children from Satan - who desires to sift us like wheat.
The Father's Role In Home Education By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-01
By the standards of the world today the father is pushed aside. By Christian homeschool standards the father is the most important. Take a look at one father's idea of his role.
The Myth of the Horrid Teen By: Deborah Butler Published: Feb-06
"Teenager" is often synonymous with rebellion. How do you avoid the pitfalls of Teenagers, and instead raise godly young adults?
Top 10 Reasons to Attend the OCEANetwork Conference By: Polk Christian Home Educators Published: Apr-10
Reasons to attend the OCEANetwork conference published in the Polk Christian Home Educator's Little Home Schoolhouse e-newsletter
Training for a High Calling By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-99
Training a 4-H guide dog teaches one family the importance of training toward a high calling in our families.
Trusting in God's Provision By: Amber Thissel Published: Jun-02
We need to be reminded that our success is not up to us. God is faithful.
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