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2007 OCEANetwork Legislative Goals By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-07
OCEANetwork has four main goals for the 2007 Legislative session: 1) Protect current home education freedoms, 2) expand home education freedoms, 3) protect families during child abuse investigations and 4)support the restoration of religious freedom.
2011 Legislative Session in Review By: Rodger Williams Published: Jun-11
This article summarizes the 2011 Oregon legislative session listing the bills we supported and those we opposed and what became of them.
A Serpent on a Pedestal By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-99
Home Education is not the answer - God is the answer. Worship the Creator not the created.
Beware! By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-04
Charter schools in Oregon threaten homeschool freedoms.
Face to face with Legislators By: Senator Avel Gordly Published: Jan-03
Oregon Senator Avel Gordly has posted this excellent article on the importance of making your voice heard in Salem. The article also contains simple "how to's."
Federal Protections for Homeschooling By: U.S. Congress Published: 
The No Child Left Behind Act exempts home educators from assessments required in the Act. This can be a powerful tool to counter the argument that homeschoolers need more accountability since the Federal government is requiring more accountability.
Freedom to Homeschool is Worth Fighting For By: Dick and Dorothy Karman Published: Dec-01
Why do homeschool families want continued and expanded freedoms? What are the biblical and constitutional principles behind homeschool freedom?
Legislative Goals for 2003 By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-02
Each year we look back at God's grace. Every legislative session we look forward to having to defend our freedoms. These are our goals for 2003.
Legislative Packet (2003) By: Dorothy Karman Published: Feb-03
This is the information OCEANetwork and the Oregon Home Education Network provided to Oregon Legislators as we seek co-sponsors for the homeschool bill.
Lobby packet for House (2003) By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-03
Links to the material given to the members of the House in support of SB 761.
Make a difference - Become a Precinct Committee Person By: Jim & Vicki Davis Published: Mar-12
You can make a difference in Oregon politics by becoming a Precinct Committee Person. It's easy; here's how.
Oregon 2011 Legislative Recap By: Rodger Williams, OCEANetwork Legislative Coordinator Published: Jun-11
OCEANetwork's Legislative Coordinator, Rodger Williams, summarizes OCEANetwork's activities during the very busy 2011 Legislative Session.
Pray for Those in Authority By: Dick & Dorothy Karman Published: Apr-95
God Instructs us to be diligent in the way we live and the things we do - be diligent to serve HIM. Part of that is Prayer.
Public school "freebies" a Danger to Homeschool Freedoms By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Legislator links need for homeschool accountability with the number of families in Oregon charter schools.
Public school "homeschool" programs By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Loss of homeschool freedom is a consequence when more families take public school funds to homeschool as evidenced by quotes from a former Representative to the Oregon legislature.
Render to Caesar By: Dorothy Karman Published: 
Whose children are they? the state's? or God's?
The Tree of Freedom By: Dick Karman Published: Oct-07
A history of homeschool freedoms in Oregon and a look to the future.
Timeline of Oregon Homeschool Freedoms By: Dick & Dorothy Karman Published: Jul-02
Homeschool freedoms are fragile. More than once in the last two decades home education freedom has been threatened. Don't take your ability to teach your children at home for granted. Knowing the history of our freedom will help us value and protect it.
We Can't Afford NOT to be Involved By: Chris Klicka Published: Aug-96
We need three things for Home Education freedom: 1 we need a vision of Godly families without Government control, 2 we need an organization to share the vision, 3 we to educate our legislators.
Why eliminate homeschool testing? By: Deborah Keller Published: Apr-13
Some homeschoolers wonder why OCEANetwork is so passionate about eliminating homeschool testing. Deborah Keller outlines three good reasons.
Why Try for a New Homeschool Law? By: Dorothy Karman Published: Mar-13
Why the government and the Department of Education should not regulate homeschooling.
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