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Beginning Homeschooling
28 Ideas for Not Going Crazy with Winter Doldrums By: Kate Karman Published: Feb-06
Tired of just gritting your teeth and pushing on through when Winter Doldrums hit and your homeschool routine has become bla? Here's some ideas to make school fun again.
Boxes By: Kate Karman Published: Apr-07
Trying to figure out what the future holds for your children? Whatever you do, don't try to stuff them into a box!
Choosing Curriculum - PDF By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jan-03
How do your sort out all the miriads of choices available to home educators today? Where do you find the perfect curriculum?
Christian Home School Reading List By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-98
An Annotated bibliography of home school reading to help the beginner and to encourage the veteran. This list focuses on books by and for Christians.
College Admission for Homeschoolers By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-05
Home school students can be admitted to college, but the family needs to plan ahead.
Costly Choices By: Christine Bullock Published: Jan-06
We can trust God as we make choices in our homeschool.
Homeschool High School By: Dorothy Karman Published: May-16
Read the requirements to homeschool during the high school years. Who sets the standards for graduation? How many credits does my child need? Also contains a list of resources to help you.
Homeschool: not just an educational option . . . By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-07
Some thoughts on the purpose of home education.
How Do I Know What to Teach When By: Dorothy Karman Published: Aug-14
Learning progresses at different speeds for different children, but it follows a general progression through the ages. This article presents an overview of the different learning stages preschool through high school.
Liberating Homeschool By: Terrie Talbert Published: Jan-06
Sometimes your curriculum plans need a mid-year course correction when you feel overwhelmed. Turn to God for guidance.
Look up By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-03
Distraction and comparison often get our eyes off the Lord when we homeschool. The solution? Look up!
Not Back to School By: Dorothy Karman Published: Oct-07
Some things a 25 year homeschool veteran learned by homeschooling.
of Books and Brit. Lit. By: Kate Karman Published: Sep-07
How do you teach literature?
Oregon Study Guide By: Betsy Ray and Susan Buck Published: Sep-08
This study of Oregon history, government, resources and industry is appropriate for either elementary or high school study. The Study Guide provides lists of resources, books and field trip suggestions.
Questions and answers about homeschooling By: Dorothy Karman Published: Jun-03
Render to Caesar By: Dorothy Karman Published: 
Whose children are they? the state's? or God's?
Teaching More Than One By: Christine Bullock Published: Sep-10
Managing a one-room school house is challenging, but rewarding. This article gives some tips on how you can teach more than one at a time.
Training for a High Calling By: Dorothy Karman Published: Nov-99
Training a 4-H guide dog teaches one family the importance of training toward a high calling in our families.
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