Get started - JUMP IN!

Some families made the commitment to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord even before their children were born. They have an entire library of homeschool books. They have file cabinets filled with teaching aids and software. They can't wait until "Emily" or "Johnny" turns two so they can teach them to read. Other families have a commitment born out of a Christian principle that may only be a few weeks old, but the Lord has revealed to them the necessity of godly education. Both families will have to wade into the water slowly. They need to get off of the shore. No amount of sitting and watching the river flow by will provide the same experience as walking in and taking one step at a time by faith.

Our society today seems to search for the words "Quick Start" hoping to lessen the anxiety of beginning. Here's a quick start list for getting started:
  • Make a commitment with everyone in the family that the homeschool will last at least one year - no exceptions (short of the Lord's return).
  • Decide on three important subjects that will get attention everyday, for instance, Bible, reading and math.
  • Decide on three more subjects which will get attention at least twice a week.
  • Agree not to commit to outside classes (co ops, gym days, library story times, etc.) at the detriment of the "inside classes." Count the cost before saying "yes."
  • Plan three (at least one week) breaks throughout the school year (your choice). Something for teacher and pupil to look forward to.
  • In the "teacher's schedule" hide one or two special events each month that can be used as a surprise to break up the schedule. They can be as simple as a special video, or as out of the ordinary as a trip to the zoo. These are at the teacher's discretion and should not show up on the calendar until the day before.
  • Schedule weekly time that both parents can discuss the schooling activities with the student and with each other. Review your reasons for homeschooling. Review God's principles. Never make the teaching parent feel like they're alone in this.

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