Our Board of Directors

Dick and Dorothy Karman
Vice-chairman of the Board and publications - karmans@oceanetwork.org
   Dick and Dorothy started homeschooling their two children in 1983. They enjoyed the many benefits of home educating – especially the spiritual encouragement that God provided. Their purpose for being a part of OCEANetwork is to share that support and spiritual encouragement with other families.
   Dick and Dorothy are the founding couple of OCEANetwork and have been serving home educators in Oregon since 1984. They also were founding members of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership (beginninghomeschooling.com). Best of all, they are grandparents of four homeschooled grandchildren (so far).

Peter and Joyce Padilla
Treasurer, Affiliated Support Groups and Conference registration - padillas@oceanetwork.org
   Having a heart to serve homeschoolers, the Padillas became actively involved in the home education movement around the mid 1980’s, when their eldest son was just an infant. By 1990, they had joined the leadership team of Polk Christian Home Educators, where they continued to serve for the next decade. In the fall of 1994, Padillas began serving on the board of OCEANetwork, with their then four young sons. In 2006, just as they should have been nearing the end of our formal homeschooling days, the Padillas adopted 3 young boys, and their journey continues.
   As the Padillas serve with OCEANetwork, one of their greatest pleasures is meeting other home educating families around the state. Peter and Joyce state, "We have been uplifted and encouraged by the many families we have met who share our love for the Lord and desire to serve Him wholly and completely. It is our desire to always be personable and approachable and to serve and assist you in any way we can."

Ken and Shelli Wanvig
Chairman of the Board

   Ken and Shelli live in rural Sherwood. They have enjoyed the privilege of homeschooling their four children since 1995. While they feel very inadequate for the task, it has been a joy to see the Lord provide for their needs each year. It is their desire to encourage other homeschoolers along the way, so they are also grateful for the opportunity to serve with and learn from those on the OCEAN board who have been serving homeschooling families so faithfully for many years.

Rodger and Karen Williams
Lobbying efforts and Secretary - williams@oceanetwork.org
   Rodger and Karen have four children, all graduated as home school students. They are life-long Portlanders. Over the years they have recognized the need to be vigilant and watchful in Salem as well as in local politics. Rodger shares in the OCEANetwork lobbying efforts in Salem.
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